Gorilla REPL

Gorilla is a rich REPL for Clojure in the notebook style. What on earth does that mean, you say? Well, maybe it’s best to take a look at a short video showing you what it can do:

You can think of it like a pretty REPL that can plot graphs and draw tables, or you can think of it as an editor for rich documents that can contain interactive Clojure code, graphs, tables, notes, LaTeX formulae. Whatever works for you! One of the main aims is to make it lightweight enough that you can use it day-to-day instead of the command-line REPL, but also offer the power to perform and document complex data analysis and modelling tasks. Above all else, Gorilla tries not to dictate your workflow, but rather to fit in to the way you like to work, hopefully putting a bit more power to your elbow.

Learning more

The first thing you should do is read the getting started page which runs through the installation of Gorilla and its basic operation. After you’ve made your first Gorilla worksheet you can easily share it with the world, for free, using the online viewer. One of the most useful features of Gorilla is its plotting library. There is some documentation for it on the plotting page. Beyond the built-in plots, Gorilla has a very flexible renderer, and if you start using Gorilla frequently you will probably want to learn how it works. You can find all the information you need on the renderer page. If you want to integrate Gorilla into your workflow, then there is some information on how to use Gorilla alongside other editors/IDEs. There’s a page with some boring but useful information about Gorilla’s configuration options. If you have time on your hands, there are a few videos which discuss various aspect of Gorilla in depth, and you can find them on the videos page. If you really get into Gorilla, and want to contribute some code then you’ll find some useful notes on the developers page.

Getting in touch

At the moment your best bet is to ping me on email. If there’s demand then I’ll get a discussion list set up. You may need to use your initiative to figure out my contact details!


Contributions, in the form of comments, criticism, bug reports, or code are all very welcome :-) If you’ve got an idea for a big change drop me an email so we can coordinate work.

In order of first commit, code and documentation contributors to date are:

There are many others who have filed bugs, requested features, and contributed to the discussion. They’ve all made Gorilla REPL better in one way or another!


Gorilla is open-source software, and is licensed to you under the MIT licence.