This page collects together the videos that look in detail at aspects of Gorilla.

Introduction to Gorilla

A general overview of the idea behind Gorilla, and a look at the sort of thing it can do.

Plots as values

A slightly incoherent ramble about how plotting works in Gorilla. This is a good introduction to the idea behind Gorilla’s rendering. (It should be noted this video was made against v.0.1.0, and there are some small, internal changes in the plot representation since then).

The Gorilla REPL renderer part 1: flexibility

A closer look at how composition and aggregation work in the renderer. This provides a good general overview of the sort of things the renderer can do.

What are worksheets good for anyway?

A video prompted by some discussions at the London Clojure Unconference, July 2014. I show a few examples of what I think the worksheet interface of Gorilla (and others) is useful for.

Getting started in Clojure with IntelliJ, Cursive, and Gorilla

This video goes through, step-by-step, how to setup a productive Clojure development environment from scratch. The first part looks at getting the software installed and running.

And the second part looks at the sort of workflow you could use with this environment.