This page lists the configuration options that you can use to customise Gorilla.

Command-line options

You can pass configuration options to Gorilla on the Leiningen command line, for example lein gorilla :port 8999 would change the port the web-app runs on to 8999. Supported options are:

Configuration map options

You can also pass in options in a Leiningen profile. Gorilla will look for a :gorilla-options key under the user profile. You can add options either in your ~/.lein/profiles.clj file, or in the project’s project.clj as appropriate. Your profiles.clj file could look like:

  {:keymap {"command:worksheet:newBelow" "ctrl+b ctrl+t"
            "command:worksheet:newAbove" "ctrl+b ctrl+q"}
   :load-scan-exclude #{".git" ".svn"}}}}

The supported options are: